2019 「Over the Rainbow」 RaviCouerの夏にカラフルな虹がかかりました

今年のSummer Schoolのテーマでもある「Rainbow」。色の3原色をベースに色を組み合わせながら新しい発見を体験していきます。光の反射による色の発色。色と色を混ぜ合わせた時の不思議な模様。今年の夏も色々な経験と体験から受ける感動や驚きで子どもたちは、心豊かに大きく成長していきました。

Our Summer School week was full of colours, laughter and fun activities! The children enjoyed learning about the seven colours of the rainbow with the ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow’ song. We had experiments where we learnt to mix colours using the primary colours – Red, Yellow and Blue.  The children worked together to decorate the Rainbow on our classroom wall; using materials with different textures to stimulate their senses and recognition of ‘tissue’, ‘soft’,  ‘wool’, ‘plastic’ surfaces. Everyone enjoyed having fun in the pool and playing colour-matching games with the toys. Our ‘float’ or ‘sink’ activity helped the children develop their cognitive skills through observation and were very excited to use their toys from home in the experiment. The children were expressive with colours when making beautiful crafts, which they took home to show their families. We all had a wonderful time thinking about the different colours in English.

クラスルームには、今年のテーマでもあるRainbowをSummer Schoolの共同制作として作成しました。感触の違う素材を使い肌で感じる楽しさを味わいながら完成させていきました。

In the classroom we make a Rainbow tunnel, focusing on one colour each day, as well as using different materials and textures to decorate with.

3D Rainbows

This activity teach the children how to shape pipe cleaners to form a rainbow and stick them into a foam board.

Tie-dye handkerchief

An exciting activity where the students can choose their favourite colours to creative a uniquely designed handkerchief.

A magical jar of two colours

This activity is something the children  want to show their parents! A jar with two coloured liquids stay separated when still. Once you shake the jar, the colours mix and create a new colour! Wait a few minutes and the two colours appear again! How does this work? The children  learn!

Fun with Science!

Milk Marbling

We are watching the colours react and move on the surface of the milk and taking a print of the pattern on a piece of paper. Asking the children to think about shapes and lines they see on both.

 Vinegar reaction

Exciting and colourful foam eruptions! The children are laughing and having a great time when they see what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar together!

 Rainbow slime

The children are mixing different ingredients to make their own colourful slime! They are learning what happens when different materials are mixed together and see the change throughout the process.

 Bear Hunt Game

In the Gym class the children are taking part in a Bear Hunt! They are searching around the space trying to find the colour-coordinated outfits for the family of bears.



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