Bubble Reaction ! 科学遊びの楽しさを体験します。



A special programme - Bubble reaction!

In this special programme we were exploring Science and were able to watch an exciting reaction involving colour and bubbles!

We were discussing the difference between the textures of water and oil. The children were able to identify water as ‘clear, cold and normal to touch’ and described the oil having ‘a yellow colour and slippery’ feel. The liquids were poured into a jar and the children were able to see the separation between the water and oil – with the water sitting on top of the oil.

The children squeezed droplets of food colouring into the jar, learning how to use a pipet and the action of squeezing the liquid up and out. The children were happy to see the red bubbles clearly floating down.

The effervescent tablets were broken into small pieces and dropped into the jar. The children were very excited to see so many bubbles rising up. After a few minutes there were foamy bubbles sitting on the surface of the water and the children described them as ‘feeling like soap’.

It was such a fun experiment to try with the children and we had a classroom full of happiness!



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