今年の夏は、「特別な夏!」 子どもたちを取り巻く環境や異常気象に行動を制限されてしまう事も多いですが、だからこそ生まれてくる事も多いはず。

ラヴィクール の「特別な夏」のプログラムでは、新たな発見と子どもたちが持っている潜在能力を大きな力に変え未知なる宇宙を想像しながら楽しいアクティビティへと繋げていきました。


Our Summer School Space Adventure was full of exciting activities involving crafts and science experiments. The children enjoyed learning different words related to Space and reading the story ‘Goodnight Spaceman’ and singing ‘Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moon’. We worked together to build and decorate a big rocket and space station - using cardboard, foil, colored papers and cellophane to create an exciting area for the children to play in and to use their imagination.

Milk marbling 
The children tried a ‘magic milk’ experiment and saw different colors moving on the surface, creating an image of what a Galaxy looks like and then made a marbled print by placing paper on top. 

Making a boat 
We made boats using a sponge and sail which were used when playing in the pool. We asked the students to think about textures of the materials and whether they would float or sink in the water.

Making Slime
The children learnt to mix 3 different ingredients and chose a color to make their own slime. They were able to see the change in what happened when each ingredient was added and had fun mixing and playing with what the made.

Small rocket craft
The children really enjoyed seeing the different rocket ships in our story throughout the week, so making their own small rockets to take home was a lot of fun. They showed great initiative in choosing the colors and making unique pieces which they were able to take home.

Flying rocket
As rockets move through space we wanted the children to think about movement and to be able to se a new kind of experiment. Using a rocket made from a cardboard tube and paper cup, we used a fan to blow the rocket upwards and the children were excited by this idea of the rocket ‘lifting off’ and flying and were counting down from 10-blast off!

Light and making the planetarium
We asked the children to think about light and which different shapes they could see in the classroom when it was darker. After looking at different cut-out space related shapes (Sun, Moon, Star, Spaceman, Rocket) they made their own planetariums by cutting out shapes wth stamp cutters. Thinking about colors they like, they stuck cellophane over the holes and when we shone a torch into the planetarium they could see colorful shapes projected. 

Making a helmet
For the children to become proper Spacemen they needed their own space helmets. Thinking about different materials and colors, they decorated their own space helmets and had a lot of fun in a game of Find the Aliens around the classroom. 

Making an Alien
We asked the children to think about what things you see in space and wanted them to imagine their own Alien. Thinking about body features, such as eyes, arms, hair, they drew colorful and friendly aliens which were used in our Find the Aliens game.

Bubble vinegar reaction 
The children enjoyed watching the vinegar and baking soda react to make bubbles and were thinking using their different senses. They didn’t enjoy the smell but could feel the bubbles and tried mixing them in their own cups. 

Making bouncy balls
One of our science experiments was to mix ingredients together to make our own bouncy balls which the children enjoyed playing with and were able to take home. They were thinking about the colors which they wanted to use and enjoyed mixing and seeing the consistency of the liquid change from liquid to solid.

Body drawings
The children were thinking about Spacemen and the shape of the body. We had a lot of fun working together to help draw around each of our bodies, getting the shapes of our heads, arms and legs clearly visible, and then drew our faces and decorated the bodies. 

Decorating a unique Planet
The children were thinking about the different planets in Space and we wanted them to create their own to take home. They used different colors to paint the papermaché balls, thinking about marbling and blending the colors to make interesting details. they then thought about what different things were on the planets and used pompous, glitter-glue and sequins to make their planet unique.

Flying rocket 
An exciting activity we did was making a rocket fly quickly wit a balloon. The children decorated a rocket and stuck it to a straw, which was attached to an inflated balloon. When the balloon was released the rocket moved quickly upwards ceiling which was very fun for the children. 

Colorful rain 
This activity was very interesting for the children to try as the colors were very bright and they could think indecently about which colors they wanted to use and where they wanted to squeeze the ‘colored rain’ on the cloud. They were impressed by the lines made by the colors and shapes/patterns they could see on top.

Alien puppets
This craft was had the children thinking about different materials and shapes they would use the create their own Alien puppets. They were cutting out shapes and they thinking about the faces of the aliens, having a lot of fun playing together when they were dry.  

Everyone had fun in the pool using cartons as ‘showers’, finding different colored beads and seeing their own sponge-boat floating on the water.